Zac B. Sarian posing with fruitful Candle Fire okra. Some farmers also get tired of certain varieties that they are planting season after season. So they look for something new or different. Fortunately, there are plant breeders who are aware of this so they devote their time creating something different. […]


The very hot and very prolific Zesy finger pepper.(Photo by Sahlie Lacson) Zesy, another view.(Sahlie P.Lacson photo) Known-You Seed has developed some really prolific finger peppers. Notable for its creamy yellow skin when immature and red when ripe is Zesy. It has thick flesh and is very pungent. It is […]

SUNFLOWER CRAZE: Seeds In Short Supply

Mr. Lee is the sunflower breeder at the Known-You Seed in Taiwan. Neo Wang and Aubry Ancheta in the sunflower farm for seed production in Taiwan. The sunflower craze is on. And the seed companies are saddled with a nice problem. The market is hungry for sunflower seeds and that’s […]

AMPALAYA: People In Different Places Have Own Preferences

Lin Yueyen, the bitter gourd breeder, has been working for Known-You for 44 years. She is shown with a variety well liked by China. The white Rococo is not so bitter, is good for soup and for salads. When it comes to ampalaya or bitter gourd, people from different countries […]


Super fruitful eggplant at the Known-You Research Farm in Pingtung, Taiwan. One trick is to develop four main fruiting stems per plant, training them to grow outwards. There are little known ways of increasing the productivity of vegetables. Just like maximizing the fruiting of eggplant. At the recent 50th anniversary […]

RED LADY: A Gift From God

  When we asked Chairman Chen Lung-Mu what he would consider the most remarkable hybrid that Known-You has had in its 50 years of developing and distributing seeds of high-value crops, he raised his right hand pointing upwards and readily answered: “Red Lady Papaya. It’s a Gift from God.” Red […]

SMOOTHIE PUMPKIN: New Hybrid You’d Love To Plant

    We were really impressed by the uniform good looks of the fruits of Smoothie Pumpkin, a new hybrid just released by Known-You Seed of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The fruit with light brown rind and yellow flesh weighs about three kilos. It is a prolific variety that matures in 90 […]

Over 100 Veggie Varieties Showcased In EWS Field Days, Nov. 22-23, 2018

  Over a hundred vegetable varieties were showcased in the simultaneous Field Days held by East-West Seed on Nov. 22-23, 2018 at the demo fields located at Villar Sipag Farm School in Bacoor, Cavite and at the UP Los Baños in Laguna. The demo fields were organized as part of […]

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