How A Soil Scientist Drives Away Insects From Attacking His Arugula

Dr. Eduardo Paningbatan Jr., a retired soil scientist from UP Los Baños, has a very practical way of preventing insect attack on his plants. Like the Arugula that he is growing in baskets made of coco coir and coco peat which he nourishes  with his special plant nutrients.  What does […]


BELLE ERMITA: Another Senior Doing Her Own Farming

There’s no stopping the seniors from doing their own brand of farming. Just like Belle Ermita who owns several farmlands in Nasugbu, Batangas. She was at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal on June 22, 2019 to buy grafted seedlings of imported mangoes that she wants to plant in one […]

Slots Available In The June 23, 2019 Session Of Sundays With Zac Sarian

Six people who have previously reserved to attend the June 23, 2019 session of SUNDAYS WITH ZAC SARIAN have backed out due to conflict of schedule. Those who would like to attend, please contact us at 0995-584-9155. Sundays With Zac Sarian is a free seminar-forum held every Sunday from 1:30 […]

FARM TIP: How To Avoid Cutworm Damage In Onions

CUTWORMS are among the most destructive pests of onion.They can devour the whole field of young plants in just one night. How does  that happen? Well, the moths lay  their eggs on dry soil. When the eggs hatch, the worms are voracious eaters at night and can finish the whole […]


In agribusiness, you don’t always need hectares upon hectares of growing area to make good income. Some people can make a decent profit even from a small area. And they don’t even have  to own the land because they can just rent it. Just like Julius Carl Gerona who grows […]

ZACTO TOURS TO TAIWAN: July 17-22, 2019

JANE CHEN of Everbright Travel & Tours is inviting farming and agritourism enthusiasts to join the Zacto Tours to Taiwan from July 17-22, 2019. Participants will visit the Flying Cow Ranch in Miaoli,  Mushhroom and fruit farms in Hsinchu county, Matigue Clam Farm and Orz Shrimp Farm in Yunlin, the […]

One Durian King Fruit Sold For 1.5 Million Baht In Auction In Bangkok

While we were taking breakfast at Marriott Hotel in Clark Pampanga on June 11, 2019, Amom Kulkanchanawan showed us  an unbelievable photo in his cellphone of one durian fruit that was auctioned for 1.5 million baht last June 1, 2019 in Bangkok. This is the Nonthaburi durian variety, according to […]

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