P100,000 Worth Of Products From Narra Tree Struck By Lightning

Would you believe that one narra tree struck by lightning could have yielded P100,000 worth of finished wood products in the early 1990s?  Yes, at prices obtaining then. Here is the story. Jimmy Araneta is a sugarcane and forest tree planter in Bago City in Negros Occidental. At the Agri-Kapihan […]


FARM JOKE: Chick Inside The Egg

I heard this joke before but from whom, I can’t remember now. Anyway, in these trying times of the Coronavirus, we just want to share it with our readers. JINGGOY: Isn’t it very amazing how the chick can get out of the egg? ERAP: Stupid! It it is much more amazing […]

LISTEN!!! Master A Special Skill That Could Earn You Big Income!

Master a skill or technique that other people find it difficult to do, and you will have a niche that can make you rich. Just like a fellow from Daet, Camarines Norte who has mastered the art of culturing tiny lapu-lapu fingerlings to 5-inch size. Even the the veteran lapu-lapu […]

VARIABLE FRUITS: Observe, Select And Propagate! Could Make You Richer

The late Dr. Benito S. Vergara, national scientist, had observed that farmers in Thailand love to experiment and make selections for better varieties, hence the constant appearance of new or improved varieties in the market. Variability also occurs in the Philippines but farmers are not taught or encouraged to select […]

SAMPALOK FLOWERS: The Ultimate Spice For Sinigang Soup

  In his terminal report on his project that involved introduction of fruit crops and spices funded by PCAARRD and Mama Sita Foundation, the late Dr. Benito S. Vergara had a great idea on tamarind which he hoped an undergraduate or graduate student will take up the challenge. What’s the […]

LOOK!!! Our Sweet Kamias Is Super Prolific!

We are so happy about our Sweet Kamias because it is so prolific. After each batch of fruits, in less than a month, flowers come out again and in no time the fruits are there for our visitors in the farm to taste.  Those who taste the fruit for the […]

BY LITO ARENAS: The Crunchiest Ever Pickled Mango We Have Tasted

Lately, we have sampled the chrunchiest pickled mango we have ever tasted. And that is the one made by Lito Arenas, the leading stakeholder of the mango industry in Pangasinan.  In the face of the Kurikong menace which has wreaked havoc on the local mango industry, Mr. Arenas should process […]

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