SISTER EPPIE BRASIL: Lover Of Fruit Trees & Native Forest Trees

Meet Sister Eppie Brasil, a Dominican nun who is an avid lover of superior varieties of fruit trees and native species of forest trees. We met her for the first time in the afternoon of October 9, 2019 when she visited our farm in Teresa, Rizal for new planting materials […]


USEC WILLIAM MEDRANO: Chance Meeting At Agrilink

USEC WILLIAM MEDRANO: Chance Meeting At Agrilink

We had a very enlightening talk with Dr. William Medrano on October 5, 2019 at the Agrilink trade show. Medrano is the newly designated undersecretary for livestock at the Department of Agriculture. He told us he had just come from Mindanao where he distributed Itik Pinas, the improved mallard duck […]

Pretty Hoya With Lemony Scent Day & Night

Pretty Hoya With Lemony Scent Day & Night

Our good friend, the great plant breeder, Dr. Reynold “Rey Pee” Pimentel, who is engrossed in making Hoya crosses, sent us pretty pictures of an endemic species that bears flowers with lemony scent night and day. The speices was named after the family of a long time friend, the late […]

Guide To Improved Harvesting & Preparing Tahong For The Market

A new Information Bulletin from PCAARRD aims to guide green mussel (tahong) farmers on the proper and step-by-step harvesting, postharvest handling, and depuration processing of tahong. This will help eliminate bacterial contamination in the mussel. It is observed that the quality of mussels sold in the markets is affected by […]

FOR GOOD REASONS: Keep Your Durian Trees Low-Growing

In producing durian for the commercial market, it is best to keep the trees low-growing for a number of good reasons. Durian trees can be kept low-growing by pruning. Cut down the primary trunk to about 12 feet above the ground when it is about five  to six years old. […]

JOB IN SARAWAK: For A Hands-On Layer Farmer

A professional feeds formulator from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia is developing an alternative organic feed for free-range layers using bio-fibre from bamboo and protein from Black Soldier Fly larvae. This is a compound which contains other supplements from local plants and herbs. The fellow has just e-mailed us saying that he […]

Name Of The Game In Farming: Increase Yield Thru Soil Rehab

There are more problems in farming than you think. Let me just name a few. One is low yield. Low farmgate prices of produce. Expensive seeds. High cost of farm labor. High shipping cost. Poor irrigation system  and so on and on. These problems could intimidate some people. But there […]

SANDY JAVIER OF ANDOK’S: Going All-Out For Sweetest Jackfruit

One fruit crop that Sandy Javier is growing in a big way in his 124-hectare farm in Rosario, Batangas, is a sweet jackfruit developed by the Eastern Visayas Integrated Agricultural Research Center (EVIARC). Of course Javier is more popularly known as the founder of Andok’s Litson Manok. Not many people […]

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