FINGER PEPPER: Some People Don’t Like It Hot

  No doubt a lot of Filipinos love their peppers to be really hot. That’s why hot chillies are so much in demand that during supply scarcity, the price really goes sky-high. But there are also people like myself who can’t take the pungency of hot peppers and so we […]

PAPAYA KING: He Was Bothered By What The Fortune Teller Told Him

  Carmelo “Milo” Ramos was a member of a crew of a rescue ship that sailed around the world tasked with rescuing boats in distress. Like most seamen, he enjoyed a big salary in dollars. He didn’t say it himself but someone suggested that he was making at least $1,700 […]

SM Veggie Training Goes On And On

  The SM Foundation’s season-long vegetable training program for farmers and marginalized families is about the most suistained program of its kind, helping a lot of people to uplift their economic status by learning how to grow improved varieties of vegetables and other high-value crops. The Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan (KSK) […]

Early Income From Durian Farm

  Like other fruit trees, durian takes several years before the first harvest is realized. So while waiting for the first fruits to be harvestable, how can the farmer derive income from the farm in the first few years? Ponchit Ponce Enrile who at one time helped manage a big […]

Neophyte Couple In Agribusiness Who Did The Wrong Things

While listening to Jess Domingo at the Agribiz Kapihan recently, all of a sudden we were reminded of a couple in their early 40s who came to our office. They were haggard-looking, worried and in a quandary because they were not sure what they should do. They came to us […]

KNOWN-YOU SEED: 50th Anniversary, Dec. 7, 2018; Agri Magazine Staff Invited

  INVITATION FROM KNOWN-YOU SEED     The biggest seed company in Taiwan is celebrating its 50th anniversary on December 7 in Kaohsiung county where it was founded by Wun-Yu Chen in 1968. The company has contributed much to the growth of the vegetable industry in the Philippines, introducing hybrid […]

Orange Picking Time At Fairy Lake Leisure Farm In Tainan, Taiwan

  November is Orange Picking Season at the Fairy Lake Leisure Farm in Tainan, Taiwan. A delegation of Negros agribusinessmen led by Gov. Alfredo Marañon visited the place. Of course, we enjoyed a lot not only in picking the citrus fruits but also listening to the talk of Strong Wu, […]

10,000 Poorest Of The Poor Helped By ZEP 2030 Since 2015, And Counting

          A multi-sector movement has been helping the country’s poorest of the poor to uplift themselves from extreme poverty. Called Zero Extreme Poverty (ZEP) 2030, the group envisions to wipe out extreme poverty by the year 2030. Since it was launched in 2015, the coalition of […]

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