East-West Seed Opens Its Farm-Ready Store In SM Clark, Pampanga, April 13, 2019



TAMMY CHIEN: She Teaches Mandarin & Leisure Farming

Tammy Chien, an enterprising lady from Yilan County in Taiwan, has developed a special market for her talent. She founded in 2014 her company called Taiwan Learning Trip Ltd. Her special offering is teaching clients to speak Mandarin and at the same immersing them in leisure farming activities so they […]

FINANCIAL CRISIS: A Blessing In Disguise

Crises are not always bad. Sometimes a crisis could be a blessing in disguise. Just like what happened to our new friend from Taiwan, Chen Chi Neng, owner of Flower Home Garden Leisure Farm in Miaoli county. While he was in his mid-20s after serving in the army, he made […]

Improved Cacao Techniques In April 2019 Issue of Agriculture Magazine

Get a copy of the April 2019 issue of Agriculture Magazine and find out how farmers in Calinan District in Davao City are improving their cacao production  through Community-based Participatory Action Research (CPAR) implemented by the Bureau of Agricultural Research of the DA. The article is written by Rita T. […]

Remembering The Prices Of Long Ago

I am going on 82 and it really amuses me to remember the prices in the good old days. For instance, in 1966, I could fill up my secondhand car with about 30 liters of gasoline for just P5. Today, if I load 30 liters of diesel in my Nissan […]

TAMARIND FLOWERS: Great Idea Waiting To Be Tapped

The late Dr. Benito S. Vergara, national scientist, had mentioned a great idea he had hoped someone would do something about. The idea was mentioned in his Terminal Report of the five-year research project titled “Collection, Propagation, Evaluation and Utilization of Some Marketable Fruits and Spices” funded by PCAARRD, DA-BAR […]

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