DR. VIOLETA VILLEGAS at a gathering under the auspices of the National Academy of Science and Technology in Quezon City. Jenalyn Eustaquio of East-West Seed posing with Sinta Papaya growing at the Villar Sipag Farm School in Bacoor, Cavite. This morning, I got a message from Mazhar from Pakistan with […]

25th ASIAN SEED CONGRESS: Millions Worth Of Business Expected To Be Generated

ENZA ZADEN Executives attending the Congress: Jaap Mazereeuw, managing director, and Pankaj Malik, Asia regional director. PSIA President Dr. Mary Ann P. ‘Sayoc of East-West Seed. Hundreds of seed experts, traders and buyers from all over the world are now in the Philippines for the 25th Asian Seed Congress (ASC), […]

Enjoyable Cherimoya For Breakfast

This is how the newly picked Cherimoya looked. It weighed about 350 grams. This is how it looks like three days from harvest. We really enjoyed having for breakfast the first fruit of our 4-year old Cherimoya tree. It is sweet, very fine-textured and juicy too. We believe more people […]

Roxas City KSK Graduates Ready To Expand Their Veggie Projects

IGNACIO ALABAN will expand his area for vegetables. The participants in Batch 179 of the KSK Farmers Training Program in Roxas City are up and about, eager to practice what they have learned in the season-long dualtech training so they can improve their economic status. Two of them are Ignacio […]

SAMMY QUINTOS: His Tilapia Loves To Eat Alugbati

SAMMY QUINTOS AND SON QUIEL SAMMY Quintos is an electrical engineer who is in the construction business with his eldest son Quiel helping him in the business. He is also a weekend farmer with a farm in San Jose City where his two other sons are helping in the operations […]

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