Former Nun Chemist Develops Herbal Products In Passi, Iloilo

A former nun who is a chemist has been formulating herbal products using various herbs from the upland areas where indigenous people live as well as far-flung lowland areas where ordinary folks live.  While spreading the word of God in the rural areas, Tessie Sison Pagay did her own research […]


WANTED: Local Breeders Of Fruit Trees

More local plant breeders should be encouraged to undertake research to develop new varieties of fruit trees. So far, most new varieties developed by local plant breeders are crops that require just a few years of testing and evaluation like ccrn, rice, vegetables and flowering ornamentals. It is of course […]

Tales About The Red Palm, The Good Luck Plant

Our recent visit to the home of Neptune Pittman in Guimaras Island brought to mind interesting stories about the Red Palm. That’s because we saw one that’s beautifully growing in her garden resort. Botanically known as Cyrtostachys renda, it is a native of Malaysia that was introduced in the Philippines […]

P12,000 Worth Of Guavas A Day From 2.7 Hectares In Iloilo

A husband and his wife who are government employees have a profitable sideline by growing guava on 2.7 hectares in Brgy. Lanag, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo. Currently, they are harvesting 200 kilos a day worth P12,000 from 3,000 trees that they planted on 2.7 hectares that they are renting for less than […]

Getting To Know The Variegated Chico

Many visitors to our farm in Teresa, Rizal, love to pose and take their picture with our Variegated Chico. They are fascinated, especially with the one that is planted in a big rubberized container which is very low-growing with a lot of branches full of immature fruits. This variety is […]

Most Expensive Saba Banana I have Ever Seen

On Thursday, October 17, 2019 I saw the most expensive Saba banana I have ever seen in the local supermarket. One hand (piling) which had 17 fingers or individual fruits was priced at P170 flat. That means P10 per finger! I must admit that the fruits are quite big compared […]

Mini Longkong Farm 25-Km East of EDSA For Sale

A 450-square meter lot full of  fruiting Longkong lanzones is being offered for sale. This blogger, Zac B. Sarian, has been asked to take charge of the offering with only direct buyers entertained. Agents are not welcome. The mini farm is perfect for professionals working in Metro Manila who would […]

Let’s Grow More Pomelo Of Good Quality In Luzon

While shopping in our favorite supermarket recently, we checked the prices of local fruits available. We were really surprised that pomelo with good eating quality, sweet and juicy, is more expensive than we thought. For instance, one fruit that weighed  just three grams over a kilo had a tag price […]

Let’s Grow More Durian In Luzon

Let's Grow More Durian In Luzon

Judging from personal observation in supermarkets in Metro Manila, durian prices are much too high for ordinary consumers to afford. For instance, one fruit estimated to be about four kilos, had a price tag of P800 in a supermarket along Ortigas Extension in Pasig City. There were cheaper smaller fruits […]

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