CHAYI: Batanes Native Tree For Reforestation & Commercial Plantation

There are advocates who are for planting native tree species for reforestation and for  timber production in commercial plantations. Well, here is one species that might as well be promoted for either or both of the two purposes mentioned above. We are referring to a native tree in Batanes which […]


US-88 Hybrid Rice Can Cut Costs, Enhance Competitiveness

Many people say that local rice farmers cannot compete with the Vietnamese and Thai farmers for reasons like low-yielding varieties, susceptibility to pests and diseases, high cost of pesticides and fertilizers, frequent weather aberrations like typhoons and floods. drought and other factors. It is often quoted that Vietnamese farmers can […]

ONE RIMAS FRUIT: Snack Enough For Five People

One  fruit of rimas or bread fruit can provide  enough snack for as many as five people. This we have just experienced with our first harvest of the year from our four-year-old plant that is grafted onto a “kamansi” rootstock. The mature fruit (the rind has become light green) was […]

DENNIS ABBATUAN: Former PBA Player Goes For Exotic Fruits

A former player of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) recently cut down three old Indian mango trees in his spacious residence in Antipolo City to give way to exotic fruits that are of much higher value. The fellow is Dennis Abbatuan, 60, who is part-time based in London but also […]

NEW IDEA: Durian For Reforestation

Here’s one idea we got during our short fruit eating tour in Davao on September 5-7, 2019. One way we could increase durian production to meet increasing demand for the exotic fruit in the Philippines and abroad is to plant durian as reforestation species. Durian can be planted interspersed with […]

Watta Bamboo, This One!

Have you seen a bamboo clump as big as this? The canopy is so thick and wide-spreading that one can actually conduct a class or seminar under it. It can be a restful place for those who want a most peaceful atmosphere because it is found somewhere in the mountain […]

Own A Farm But No Time To Plant? Get A JV Partner!

Some farm owners are busy with other money-making activities so that they don’t have the time to manage their own farms. What to do? Do what Sergio Calma, 61, of Talavera, Nueva Ecija has been doing. He owns six hectares of rice land in different places but because he and […]

Challenges And Opportunities In Pomelo And Cacao

 Visiting farms and meeting interesting agri people is rewarding. Just like our short tour of fruit farms in Davao City on September 5 to 7. In a forum attended by leading stakeholders in the fruit industry, we were able to appreciate the challenges and the opportunities confronting agri entrepreneurs in […]

Meet The Fleshy, Sweet And Creamy Duyaya Durian

New durian varieties or selections with outstanding traits get into the marketplace now and then. Relatively new is the UPLB Gold developed in Los Baños by a retired professor. What came out earlier, about 30 years ago or thereabouts, is called Duyaya, propagated by a long time friend, the late […]

Helping Small-Scale Farmer As Strategy For Food Security

FOOD is everybody’s business.  Whether you are an ordinary laborer, office employee, professional, entrepreneur or a rich businessman, you have a stake in making sure that affordable healthy food is accessible to each one of us. If the lowly laborer or employee can’t afford the high price of food, he […]

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