AT HORTIKULTURA 2016: Floral Arrangement Contest

A TOTAL of 40 members of the Philippine Horticultural Society will compete in a flower arrangement competition to be conducted under the supervision of plant arts and floral arrangement guru Prof. Serapion ‘Mett’ Metilla. The floral arrangement competition will be one of the highlights of Hortikultura Extravaganza 2016 which will […]


NEW CANNA VARIETIES: Dwarf And Tall, Very Colorful

FIVE new dwarf canna varieties are being introduced to the local market by a big seed company. These have very attractive colors that make them perfect for gardens, borders, containers and pots. They are also suitable for shallow water gardens. No. 1 is the Red, a dwarf variety with eye-catching […]

IN VICTORIAS CITY: Big Floriferous Rubia

IN VICTORIAS CITY: Big Floriferous Rubia

DURING our recent visit to the Negros National Science High School in Victorias City, we saw a really big Rubia ornamentale a.k.a. Carphalea kirondron which is very floriferous. This brings to mind how an enterprising landscaper made a lot of money from this flowering tree. The fellow had the foresight […]

What’s Blooming: Tillandsia Fasciculata

What's Blooming: Tillandsia Fasciculata

TILLANDSIA FASCICULATA¬†is a large species belonging to the bromeliad family. This is widespread in Florida, Central and Southern America and the Bahamas Region. Most common names associated with this species are “Giant Airplant” and “Cardinal Airplant”. The beauty about some medium to large sized tillandsias like the fasciculata is the […]

BEAUTIFUL NYMPHAEA: Taken At Flying Cow Ranch, Miaoli, Taiwan

BEAUTIFUL NYMPHAEA: Taken At Flying Cow Ranch, Miaoli, Taiwan

ABOVE is a beautiful photo of Nymphaea, the true water lily (not the water hyacinth which most people in the Philippines call water lily). Nymphaea comes in a wide variety of colors. The flowers come in different shades of pink, white, red, blue, yellow and combination of colors. Flowers, beautiful […]

What’s Blooming: Tillandsia Glabrior

What's Blooming: Tillandsia Glabrior

Tillandsia glabrior is another species in the genus Tillandsia. Early studies classified it as a sub species under T. pueblensis, and some believe it to be under T. schiedeana and T. utriculata but what is definite is its origin from Mexico and northern South America, most of which are found […]

Coleus Collectibles: Bright and Vibrant

Coleus Collectibles: Bright and Vibrant

Coleus is a popular ornamental plant which todate is classified under the genus Plectranthus and Solenostemon. Coleus is the common name used in the international plant industry and here in the Philippines, this plant is more commonly recognized as Mayana. This genus is native to many tropical areas in Asia, […]

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