After Losing P700,000, He Made P1.1 Million From Sweet Fortune F1

After Losing P700,000, He Made P1.1 Million From Sweet Corn

Cornelio Ednaco of Sariaya, Quezon, is one fellow who does not easily give up. In 2017, he lost P700,000 from his sweet corn crop because of bad weather. It happened that when he harvested his crop, it was overtaken by heavy rains so that the ears were damaged by the […]


Ramgo Peppers Impress Trade Show Visitors

Among the attractions during the recent Agrilink trade show were the beautiful fruits of hot pepper, Panigang and sweet peppers showcased by Ramgo Seed International. A visitor who was obviously fascinated by the big and immaculately clean fruits of the Magnum finger pepper remarked that two pieces of the same […]

MARK MERCADO: Sweet Fortune Corn Grower In Iba, Zambales

  MARK MERCADO, 36, finished an IT course and was an active member of a musical band that performed in various entertainment places. Six years ago, he gave up his musical engagements to become the manager of Heavenly Farm, a farming venture of his three uncles and an aunt based […]

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