French Explosives Engineer Is A Consummate Organic Fruit Tree Farmer

A 61-year-old Frenchman who has an unusual profession is a consummate organic farmer growing all kinds of fruit trees in a 15-hectare property in Pililla, Rizal, owned by his Filipino wife. He is Denis Martin, an explosives engineer who is an expert in drilling and blasting hills and mountains for […]


Getting To Know The Variegated Chico

Many visitors to our farm in Teresa, Rizal, love to pose and take their picture with our Variegated Chico. They are fascinated, especially with the one that is planted in a big rubberized container which is very low-growing with a lot of branches full of immature fruits. This variety is […]

Let’s Grow More Pomelo Of Good Quality In Luzon

While shopping in our favorite supermarket recently, we checked the prices of local fruits available. We were really surprised that pomelo with good eating quality, sweet and juicy, is more expensive than we thought. For instance, one fruit that weighed  just three grams over a kilo had a tag price […]

Let’s Grow More Durian In Luzon

Let's Grow More Durian In Luzon

Judging from personal observation in supermarkets in Metro Manila, durian prices are much too high for ordinary consumers to afford. For instance, one fruit estimated to be about four kilos, had a price tag of P800 in a supermarket along Ortigas Extension in Pasig City. There were cheaper smaller fruits […]



WHEN PROFESSIONALS retire from their employment, their most likely recourse is to go into farming for a number of reasons. Just like keeping busy in the farm to stay healthy, imbibe fresh air and get the necessary exercise. Farming could mean harvesting and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. It could […]

FARMER SECURITY: It Should Come First, Food Security Will Simply Follow

FARMER SECURITY: It Should Come First, Food Security Will Simply Follow

In pronouncements by government institutions, international agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders, food security, the need for food security, is usually the most emphasized. To achieve food security, what should be emphasized first is Farmer Security. Food security will simply follow. What do we mean by Farmer Security? The farmer should […]

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