JAN. 12 AGRIBIZ KAPIHAN: Toto Barcelona & Zac B. Sarian To Present Bright Agri Ideas From Taiwan


Zac B. Sarian interviewing Known-You Chairman Chen Lung-Mu in his office in the company of Toto Barcelona and Neo Wang, December 5, 2018.

This Saturday, January 12, 2019, your blogger, Zac B. Sarian, together with Toto Barcelona, will make a presentation on the latest developments in high-value crops as well as programs to attract the youth into agriculture in Taiwan. This will be at the Agribiz Kapihan at the Harbest Events Center at the Rizal Techno Park in Taytay, Rizal.

The event is open free to the public but one has to pre-register to be assured of a seat. You can register with Alecci Jerez at 0917-804-9669. We had two recent trips last month to Taiwan to attend the Known-You Seed golden anniversary and the agricultural and seafood trade show in Kaohsiung county.

In both occasions, new ideas and technologies were showcased that could be helpful to people engaged in farming. Examples are the new varieties of vegetables and other high-value crops churned out by breeders of Known-You that can improve yields and quality of harvests.

One simple technique that can improve yields of eggplant, for instance, is the pruning of young eggplants so that they will develop four main branches. These branches are trained to grow outward so that there will be more space for fruits to develop. Another important technique is to remove or prune the lower leaves so that there is free flow of air and thus make the place less humid. This removes hiding places of insects that could damage the plants.

There are new opportunities that local farmers can take advantage of. Right now, there is a sunflower craze in the country. The flower is so saleable anywhere in the Philippines at a good price because it has become the craze of millennials to give sunflower as gifts to the girls of their dreams as well as to their mother. The good news is that Known-You is now accelerating the production of seeds because there was a short supply of the same last year.

ROSALIE LACSON  of Agriculture Magazine in sunflower plantation of Known-You for seed production, December 6, 2018.

So many other developments in agriculture will be discussed by Toto Barcelona and this blogger. A lot of pictures will be presented on the screen for the attendees to better appreciate the new crop varieties. See you there.

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