La Union Farmers Visit Sarian Farm

La Union Farmers Visit Sarian Farm
La Union Farmers Visit Sarian Farm
La Union Lakbay-Aral participants pose with robust grafted rimas on a rootstock of kamansi.

A group of 27 farmers and five farm technicians from San Fernando City, La Union, visited the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal under the Lakbay-Aral (Travel & Learn) program of the city’s local government unit.

The group was led by city agriculturist Ms. Eduviges Flores. Like most Ilocano farmers, the participants are smallholder farmers. They wanted to pick up some ideas that could make cultivating a small farm profitable.

La Union Farmers Visit Sarian Farm
City agriculturist Eduviges Flores was fascinated by the bromeliads inserted in bamboo tubes without any soil or growing medium. She said she will do the same with her bromeliads.

In our short lecture, we emphasized that there are many doable projects in a small farm that require very little capital. Like the production of camote tops, for instance. Camote tops are saleable in most markets and they are easy to produce with little capital to start with.

La Union Farmers Visit Sarian Farm
Lakbay-Aral participants posing with fruitful black pepper grown on mahogany tree.

At the Sarian Farm, they also saw how fruit trees can be grown in containers. They also observed how easy it is to grow black pepper by letting them climb the trunk of mahogany trees. They also learned that there are special plants that can be bestsellers like the Honduras banana with very big bunch, sweet kamias, Vietnam pomelo, Abiu from Brazil, Longkong lanzones and many others.

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