Sarian Exotic Fruit Trees or simply SARIAN FARM, is in Teresa, Rizal, Philippines. It is along the road, Km 36.6, about 30 meters before Teresa-Morong boundary. Teresa is the next town to Antipolo City. It specializes in propagating superior varieties of fruit trees and some selected other crops.

How to go:

SARIAN FARM is very easy to locate. It is along the national road in Teresa, Rizal, about 30 meters on the right side before the Teresa-Morong boundary.

If you are coming from Manila with your own ride, take Ortigas Avenue Extension and drive all through Antipolo City and down to Teresa. You will pass through a zigzag road before reaching the town of Teresa. If you take a jeep or bus, make sure that the vehicle you take passes through Antipolo City proper and not through the town of Angono.

List of Available Exotic Fruit Trees

All the varieties featured below are grown at SARIAN FARM. We do not have a pricelist available as supply may vary from time to time. We have seedlings available for most varieties and medium sizes and full grown in container pots for some varieties. To set for a farm visit or group tour, inquire about sales & pricing - simply contact ROSE:globe: 09150021368 and smart: 09475900398 or submit a filled contact form here.

Makopa Varieties

Different varieties of Makopa to choose from - most are juicy, crunchy and sweet. Some can also produce big fruits by keeping one fruit in a cluster like the ones found in Thailand fruit markets. This has been one of the practices we have learned by visiting farms in other countries.

Mini Makopa
Golden Makopa
Green Makopa
Apple Makopa
Star Ruby Makopa

Best Sellers

These are some of the exotic fruit trees that Sarian Exotic Fruit Trees Farm have introduced in the local market.

Latexless Jackfruit
Longkong Lanzones
Malaysian Hybrid Durian
BR25 Cacao

Exotic Fruits

These are some of the exotic fruit trees that Sarian Exotic Fruit Trees Farm have introduced in the local market.

Bhagwa Pomegranate
Pink Guava
Super Avocado
Seedless Duhat
Seedless Atis
Seedless Guava
Sweet Kamias


Different varieties of Mangoes that we produce in the farm are superior and has different qualities to chose from. We have Golden Queen, R2-E2 (Peach mango), Sweet Elena carabao mango, not in photos are Golden Phoenix, Eating Green, Chokanan and Lubdok from Thailand and Guimaras Mangoes.

Golden Queen Mango
Sweet Elena Mango
Peach Mango R2E2


These are our citrus varieties available.

Honey Mandarin
Sweet Orange from Spain
Key Lime
Ilocos Jumbo Lime
Luz Calamansi
Variegated Calamansi
Variegated Orange
Variegated Lemon
Milo Mas Pomelo
Vietnam Pomelo

Other fruit-bearing and seedlings available are enlisted below

We also have these items for sale in the farm.

Super Napier/Pakchong 1
Japanese Saluyot
Seedless Mabolo
Sweet Balimbing
Super Alokon
Indian Malunggay
Taiwanese Berries
Variegated Chico
Paniyur Black Pepper from India
Honduras Banana No. 2
Mama Sita Banana
Red-Fleshed Dragon Fruit
Barbados Cherry

Fertilizers we carry in the farm.

These items can be bought directly in the farm, or have it sent by JRS courier or LBC if preferred.

Power Grower Combo
Heavy Weight Tandem