VERY PROFITABLE: Brown Eggs At P12.50 Apiece

VERY PROFITABLE: Brown Eggs At P12.50 Apiece

Eddie Cañuto is an engineer-turned-leisure farm operator who knows how to spot a project that pays well. He is the founder of Ephrathah Farms in Badiangan, Iloilo which boasts of various money-making projects. One of them is over a thousand layers of the black Rhode Island chicken that produces brown eggs.

VERY PROFITABLE: Brown Eggs At P12.50 Apiece
Eddie Cañuto and his black Rhode Island layers.


VERY PROFITABLE: Brown Eggs At P12.50 Apiece
Brown eggs that sell at P12.50 apiece.

Why does he like this brown-egg laying chicken? Because its eggs sell more than double the ordinary white leghorn eggs. He sells each at P12.50 apiece. And from the flock of over a thousand layers, he collects 700 to 800 eggs daily.

The fowls roam in a net enclosure where they can pick small creatures in the ground as part of their daily meal. In the morning and in the late afternoon the birds are fed with antibiotic-free feed. In between, they are given grasses and chopped banana trunk as their “snack”. The cost of feed is not as much as those that are fed purely with commercial feed.

VERY PROFITABLE: Brown Eggs At P12.50 Apiece
In between feeding of commercial feed in the morning and late afternoon, the chickens are given leafy greens as their “snack”. That lowers the cost of feeding.

Eddie’s son Jonathan is a marketing genius who can sell all the eggs at the premium price together with the many other products that they produce in their 16-hectare diversified farm that has become a tourist destination.

Eddie’s new plan is to produce a broiler type of colored chicken. He believes that this could also become a bestseller in Iloilo. Want to contact Eddie? Text him at 0917-847-2425.

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